Welcome to Sukhothai

A brief history

Sukhothai is the former capital city of the first Kingdom of Siam, as Thailand was then known. The kingdom was founded in 1257 when the Siamese drove the ruling Cambodians out of this western outpost of their empire. The prince who led the campaign became Siam's first king.

Sukhothai Historical Park - a UNESCO world heritage site

Before you explore the 70 square kilometer compound you might like to pay a visit to the Ramkhamhaeng National Museum which illustrates the background of this once glorious kingdom, making your visit even more rewarding.

The park itself normally takes a full day to wander around so you might prefer to spread your visit out over a few days and make it a little easier on your feet!

With an abundance of preserved or restored temples (193 of them in fact) plus Buddha image stuccos, ruined brick pagodas and laterite viharn columns, there is plenty to see, admire and of course photograph. The Sukhothai park is located in the Si Satchanalai and Ramkhamhaeng National Parks which provide a lush backdrop to the majestic architecture.

The Lotus Village Hotel and Spa sits just 12km away on the edge of the River Yom in the heart of nearby New Sukhothai town.